i vahetuse laagripäevik 2015


Keelelaagri I vahetus toimub Viljandimaal Venevere Puhkekülas, kus on koos 30 eestipäritolu noort 12 riigist - Eesti, Läti, Leedu, Valgevene, Venemaa, Soome, Rootsi, Taani, Portugal, Itaalia, USA ja Kanada.

Laagris leitakse uusi sõpru, tutvutakse Eesti kultuuri ja maaga ning harjutatakse väga palju eesti keelt.

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30 people from all over the world have come together for the HeadEst I learning camp this year. We headed out from Tallinn by bus all the way to Venevere (about a 2 hour ride from the airport!) and at the end of the day everybody arrived at the place. We got cabins, we met new people, and started our time at the camp. Everyone was tired but too excited to sleep and some were even partying for hours in the cabin 9.


After breakfast, we played a lot of introductory games to get to know each other more. It was hard to remember everyone names at first! We made signs for our cabins, and started doing workshops. We rotated between 6 different stations (including trip planning, camp expectations, and games) to build stronger relations between our campers. In one of the games we had to flip over a carpet while standing on it. It took some time to figure it out and to coordinate our actions but we were able to do it!

Results of our Cool Group Picture task:

We had some awesome soup for lunch, and cinnamon buns for dessert. After that we had some free time, so we played volleyball and went swimming. Basically all campers organized and participated in a pajama party in the evening. We played some games, grilled and ate some sausages, and Madis played harmonica in the twilight- it was awesome! We were sitting and listening as the sun went down. When everything was over, it was much easier to go to sleep- everyone was exhausted but luckily already in pajamas.

“I was nervous at first but when we played games together it made me feel a lot more comfortable with everyone”-Miila (16)

“I have been waiting for this camp for a long time and now that we are here I’m very excited. All the people seem very friendly and nice. I have had a lot of fun already. The food is especially good!”- Kärt (17)

“I like it! The volleyball games are getting better and better.” Rainer (18)

“It is like a miracle. I love everyone, who is here” Nadezda (14)

“It`s realy fun, people are friendly. This place is beautiful.” Liga (14)


After breakfast on day 3, we broke into groups based on Estonian language skills. Then we rotated through 6 sections led by the leaders of the camp. Madis taught verbs, Karolin taught introductory phrases, Epp helpled us set goals for the camp, Kristiine and Martin taught us prepositions and questions, Kristel taught us numbers and the alphabet, and Mereli taught us basic phrases.  After lunch, we split yet again into different groups; this time, we split into different workshops (senses of Estonia, Media group, theatre group, evening organizers, and an Estonian language workshop).  After going through our workshops, we found our tandem groups and learned Estonian in small groups of 3 people.  For dinner we had pasta and sausage, and cake for dessert.  After dinner, we had survivor night where we had to complete different tasks in order to win.  For example, we had to run around The Big House with a water bowl without spilling it and whoever spilled the least amount of water, won.  Another example was a surprise food tasting game in which you tried a mystery food and had to guess what the food was.  After Survival night was over, everyone just hung out in The Big House and played card or stick games.

’’It was fun, but it was tiring.  At the end of the day, I was so tired and just wanted to sleep’’ (Cassandra 15)

’’Yesterday was really fun, but it was the first day that we had to do some work.  It was a bit exhausting’’ (Anette 15)

’’The Estonian language was compLicated, but it was interesting and we made it funny, so everything is cool’’ (Aija 16)

’’Yesterday, I learned many Eesti words and eesti words are funny’’ (Polina 15)

’’Yesterday I learned a lot of Estonian because of the crash course we did.  I also read a lot of my book and we also had the Survival night which was a lot of fun.’’ (Karl 15)

’’The Estonian crash course really helped with learning the basic phrases and the foundation of the language. Survival night was a good way to end the day because it tired everyone out and was fun at the same time’’ (Marin 17)


So Monday was full of work and fun AND fishing. In the morning we started with the workshops, which we did for the second time. It rained like the sea had switched places with the sky and now started to come down. After a DELICIOUS lunch (Thank you, Venevere staff) some of us decided to get back in shape with a good old volleyball game. Although it started to rain, it didn’t stop most of us from playing. “The best ones stay,” as Rainer said. We got some rest too and then went back to the main activities. Tandem time! We learned Estonian each in different ways for an hour and then got some snacks. More food, yay! BUT as if these snacks were not enough, we played some sports games and were sent fishing. Without equipment. With our hands. Well we used forks and buckets and hands and bread, but the fishes were smart enough to stay away. Although we failed to get fish, at least the fish had a good day! And we had so much fun. We also had to get water into a bucket with using only what we had on us. The best moment was when Karl just took off his shirt (one for the team!) and put it in the water and squeezed the water out of it to the bucket. After the fun games we had the reflection group meeting and got to look back on the last 24 hours. Then dinner time! God, we eat so much good food here. Lucky people! A bit after nine, the evening program started. It was really fun and we got to dance ALOT! And everyone learned an Estonian dance, so it was great! After the program, we hanged out and played some cards and different games. Most of us tried to go to bed early, to be ready for Tallinn. But yeah, it was a really fun day full of new things!



The day started very early. We started our journey at 9 am and we got to Tallinn in about an hour and a half later. We started from TTÜ Mektory, where there was a tour. We had a really nice time there and some of us said that we really want to study there. After that we went to the Open Air Museum where was also a tour about lifestyle of the Estonian people in the 18th and 19th centuries. Afterwards we came to Old Town in the center of Tallinn where we had a navigation game. We needed to find some places and took photos with them. It was pretty easy because we had an Estonian man in every team who knew the Old Town well, so they were very helpful. Finally we had free time. Some of us went to a sushi restaurant and others went to eat pancakes. We gathered at Pizza Americana and went to the camp. Even though we were tired, we all enjoyed our day and the cool stuff we brought back with us.

"It was very much fun. It was great to find the places in the citygame and go to different places in Tallinn. The weather was very good." Tito (14)

"Tallinna külatamine oli väga lõbus ja mõnus ja vahva. Tutvusime Eesti kultuuriga otseselt või ja igat teist moodi ka. Mektory oli kõige põnevam minu jaoks. Saime palju teada tänapäeva imeleiutiste kohta ja tuleviku ettearvamatute imede kohta." Rainer (18)

"It was very good, because the town is classic and modern. The whole day was very good." Michele (17)

"In Tallinn I loved to see 3D printer. I heard about it before but never had seen it. In Open Air Museum I could walk around and I loved everything." Nadja (14)

"City Game was very cool and funny. We had nice free time and could go walking. Weather was good, pizza was good. I loved the Open Air Museum - it was very interesting and nice. And I loved the view of the sea." Linda (15)



Hello dear diary! Yesterday was yet another exiting day here at camp. Although the weather was not in our favor, we made the best pout of a windy and rainy day. We learned what would be on the exam, including numbers, time, greetings and everyday conversations.  Sport was a balloon race around the lake, which involved various balloon related tasks. Some got soaked with water. Later that night, we had an international food party, where everyone dressed as a certain food as well as discussed their home country. Some examples were French fries, blueberries, salad and marshmallows. We learned a lot about where our fellow campers live, stretching from Canada to Italy. We also played a food related quiz game, which involved food all around the world.

“Learning about other countries was fun. I came to this camp last year as well and loved it so much that I needed to come again. The best part is meeting others from all around the world.” Alex

“I had the time of my life with the friends I find dear. The reason I came here was I was that I had to go somewhere for couple of weeks. On the other hand the camp is indeed enjoyable” Henry

“Had a blast. The reason I came to this camp was to meet Estonians around the world and learn new things about them.” Martin

“I like it a lot. I was forced by my mom to come to this camp.” Anu

“I got cold. I came here because heard that it would be a great experience.” Veera

“Normal day with some good food. I came to this camp, because I have come here two times already and it was a good experience.” Linda



It´s day seven and we are all soooooooooooo tired, because there is every second something interesting happening and we don´t want to waist time on sleeping. Also our language skills are improving.

Morning started with heavy downpour and going to the breakfast was the most difficult task ever, but some of us managed to do it on time (like us who woke up 2 hours before breakfast and used up all the hot water in the shower. People were pissed off!!!!!) After breakfast we learned a new Estonian dance. What made it funny was that even participants from Estonia messed up the steps.  Then it was time for the workshops. It was soooooo hard, because everyone were half sleeping. Our group had to do a poster (((((((link to fb) here you can see the masterpiece and the story behind it!)))))) We felt like we were back in the kindergarten, cutting out shapes and glueing them together. And the day continued in the same pace. We went to Põltsamaa where we had to make a magnet in scrapbook technique, it was a lot of fun and the results were “очень красивые“ (very beautiful/väga ilusad). We also had a tour around Põltsamaa castle ruins. It was a lot of fun, we learned a lot and had a blast. In Põltsamaa we also had a fun game were we had to find people fitting in the description that we were given and take a picture with them or of them so in the end we had lots of selfies and most of us got their phone memories full. When we got back they gave us more food! (We think they are trying to get us fat)At ninght we had Eestivision night, where we had to lipsing famous Estonian songs and the party ended with Rainer’s, Martin’s and Madis’s famous “Meri on, meri jääb”.

Autorid: Dolores (16) ja Diana (15) from Estonia, Daria (17), Anniki (17) and Masha (16) from Russia, Michele (17) from Italy

“I didn’t know that in Estonia there are so interesting places like Põltsamaa and I really liked church and the ruins.” (Anniki)

“I liked the food and evenings” (Michele)

“This is the best camp I’ve ever been. People are super cool and nice and you’ll never be bored.” (Dolores)

“In this camp we met the best people in the world. Everything here is so good and we want to stay here for thousands of years. At the last day we will be crying, because we will miss this amazing place and people. It’s very strange that so different people can become so good friends.” (Masha, Diana, Daria)