eesti keele ja kultuuri laager 2016 I laagri päevik


ESIMENE JA TEINE PÄEV (28. ja 29.06)

Sometimes meeting new people can be awkward. I’m not going to lie to you, before all of us campers played name games and learned about each other,  things were extreemly awkward. After the first few hours, many of us were so surprised with how many friends we all made! With everyone being friendly, it was so easy to open up to everyone and to show our funnier sides. During our free  time, many of us had done a large array of activties. You would think reading, surfing the net, and taking a nap would be most of our free time (since we’re teenagers), instead we were loosing the volleyball in the lake, getting our clothes wet from attempting  to go over the lake on the ropes, and making funny catch phrases to each other. Overall, I can say that the amount of funny people here and new experiences a lot of us are having are something we will never forget, especially when we feel like we are going to laugh so hard we start to cry in tears of happiness.

Enia (Latvia), Helena(Estonia), Igor(Russia), Alexis(USA), Elisenda(Barcelona), Stasia(Russia), Greete(Estonia)


Friendships continue to grow as the teachers keep making us do really funny but crazy stuff. Somedays we dance, other days we scream as loud as we can. It's easy to say it never gets boring. Everyday we have some challenging tasks that are really crazy, but we manage by working together. The teachers make them fun for us and we always have a good time. Some different tasks we have each day is Estonian culture, media, evening planning, learning Estonian and theater. The evening planning group comes up with really funny challenges after dinner and the theater group comes up with a play. Yesterday, they preformed a play called "Friends" and pushed someone into the lake. The media groups job is to write a short text on this site and on facebook, the Estonian culture group makes a poster which they present at the end of the day. The Estonian learning group learns how to write in Estonian. We could go on for hours! We make everyday as fun and exciting as we can and with the help of new friends anything is possible, even getting the volleyball out of the middle of the lake!

Samantha(USA), Emil(Norway), Alexandra(Sweden), Henry(Finland), Elisabet(Estonia), Rait Roland(Estonia)


Kui hommikusöögist kõhud pungile söödud, grupitööd suurepäraselt tehtud ning seljakott toitu täis pakitud, oli aeg minna rabasse. Rabas saime tasuta kehahooldust, kui põlvedeni turba sees kõndisime. Kedagi ei tõmmatud Emakese Looduse poolt maa sisse. Joonistasime puutükkide peale ning võrdlesime käbide kaalu. Tekitasime väikese “maavärina” turbakihil hüpates ning sõime palju mustikaid nii, et keeled olid värvi muutnud. Tagasi laagrisse tulles oli haigus nimega “kõhuvalu” meist ette jõudnud ning ka tugevamad maha niitnud. Puhati palju, et õhtul Eesti peo jaoks valmis olla. Õhtul, kui pidu hakkas, siis olid justkui kõik laagrilised kadunud ning nende asemel ilmusid välja hoopis Eesti kuulsused. Kas te olete näinud kahte Jaan Tättet samal ajal ning Tanja Mihhailovat, kes muutis nime ning oli terve õhtu vältel Luisa Värk? Saime teada, et kõik oleme tantsulõvid, kui õppisime rahvatantse, leidsime poisi, kes viskas kummiku kosmosesse ning valisime parima outfit’iga inimese, kes pimestas me silmad oma tegelaskujuga. Õhtu lõppes tantsimine 90-ndate muusika järgi ning käsk, et kell 00:00 peavad kõik voodis olema, et kõik ennast paremini tunneksid. Hommikul oli juba paranemismärke näha, kui ärgati varem, et ujuma minna ning varakult sööma tulla.

Karoliina (Estonia), Markkus (Estonia), Maara (USA), Jonathan (USA), Neo (Sweden), Juel (Sweden), Erik (Russia).


Yesterday we went to Põltsamaa. We visited the castle and learned about the history of Põltsamaa. We also made glass figures, it was very fun and interesting! After the castle we finally got to go to the shop. We were all so happy and bought way too much candy! After we got back a lot of us were very tired and decided to rest while we could. After our short rest we had a world party, it was organised by one of the groups. First we all played soccer with cups over our eyes, it was nearly impossible to find the ball never mind even kick it. The final game was really intense. From the eight extremly competitive teams the two best ones were team Sitikas and team Harry. Another six teams started cheering- they screamed, made waves and gave strenght to the players. Because the final game ended 1-1, so it went to penalties to decide the ultimate winner. The best of the best was team Sitikas. After that we went in to the dining room and everyone did a very quick one minute presentation about their country and their connection to Estonia. It was so interesting and fun to find out about where all the others come from. To end the night on a high, people bought food from their countries for us all to try. Estonians brought A LOT of chocolate, sweeds had smelly fish with them and Andres from Mexico offered spicy salsa. And of course we had a lot more! Some were a lot better than others, we think Americas candy was definetly the most popular! Yesterday was another day full of fun times and great memories for us all and we are sure every day here will be just as good as they have been up to now.

Stiina (Ireland), Liina (Norway), William (Sweden), Jere (Finland), Margaret (Finland), Lisette (Estonia).


In the morning we had our groups which were very fun. We ourselves had the Estonian language group where we read poems and sang Estonian! After lunch we had visitors. There were moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and friends. The kitchen had baked very tasty meatpies and fruitpies which disappeared at an amazing speed. In the eving we had the Sauna Vision, where live groups had to compete with songs from different catagories like Estonian songs from the sixties, seventies, nineties, folk and Eurovision.The folk song won and as a prize, they got ten minutes in the suana for themselves. After their ten minutes every one could go and enjoy sauna. There was alot of singing in the suana. After some time in the sauna, and a few cold trips to the lake, they closed the sauna, and we went to sleep.

Andrew (USA) Alice (Latvia) Heili (USA) Andres (Mexico) Ronald (Estonia) Loretta (Estonia)