About HeadEst

NGO HeadEst is a volunteer organisation that has been created with an aim to support and promote active citizenship in society. Main activities are targeted to young people, but there are additional activities to promote the topic also among teachers, municipality workers and other professionals working with young people. The organisation has permanent staff of 2 persons and a group of volunteers who support the activities on project-base.

Main activities of HeadEst are:

  • Youth exchanges – international activities for 15-25 year-old young people. We have organized almost 20 international youth exchanges on different topics – active citizenship, environment, relationships, gender issues, new and wider Europe etc. Exchanges have been organised in Estonia, Russia, Moldova, Italy, Greenland, Kosovo etc.
  • European Voluntary Service – so far we have sent 2 volunteers to work in Ukraine and Russia. In Russia the project was in art museum Ermitage, where the volunteer participated in the education activities of the museum and in Ukraine the volunteer worked with street children. We are developing our EVS sending and co-ordination projects.
  • Trainings and seminars – the organisation carries out seminars to teachers and active youth groups on topics like consumer education, active citizenship and participation, project management, international activities and youth information.
  • Publications – HeadEst is a national partner in EU project “Europe diary”. It is a school diary that includes short and attractive texts on Europe, Estonia, consumer education, environment and sustainable development, health and youth information. Localized diaries are published in all 27 EU member states. Is Estonia it is used by 27 000 students in 400 schools.
  • Internet based activities –HeadEst is planning to develop new interactive information and teaching tools for young people.
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MTÜ Headest

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