conclusions and evaluation

My EVS experience was a challenging and satisfying portion of life. All the activities I made during one year helped me to become more open minded, more European and more “green”. Many activities were connected with environmental protection and consuming. My typical day was to go to help at the Uuskasutuskeskus charity shop, where I improved my ability to solve the problems of the clients and interact with different age/language speaking people.  With Uuskasutuskeskus I also create some informative videos about how to sort things to bring at our shop and how it is easy to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle things. Those three R where also the slogan of the environmental lesson I developed and organized in some Tallinn school. Connected with eco-sustainability topic and how easy and better is to live in an environmental friendly way was also the Youth exchange witch I took part in Belgium; there I discovered and shared many daily routine tricks for reduce my and other people ecological footprint on the planet. During one of my Tallinn’s week-end I organized a little group (composed mostly by EVS volunteers) and took part with them in the “Clean the Word” day.

Besides environment and consuming topic I increased awareness in being an active and European citizen, thanks to the Youth exchanges and trainings organized by my coordinating organization HeadEst  (“Photo marathon – photography and social inclusion”, “A quest for Ecotopia”, “START UP - how to organize youth exchanges", “Reality seminar”) and knowing people around Tallinn, Estonia and some Europe’s country.

During this year I tried to learn as much as possible about Estonia and its culture. One of the difficult part was to understand and speak Estonian language, but after working in the shop and making a language course it went easier. Also adapt myself at the Estonian food was a big step for me and for sure gave me a lot of new and unexpected cooking ideas.

Very important for me was the possibility to know a lot of new people (some became also good friends) from different nationality and culture. That helped me to expand my network of friends, my knowledge and also make my English language a bit better.

I suggest to everyone to participate in an EVS project because its an amazing and unique opportunity to make a full immersion experience abroad, and to make something rewarding for other people and to learn a lot about yourselves.

When I arrived at the end of my project I was a bit sad but I was also feeling spiritually stronger. For that I have to thank people who supported and followed me splendidly during all the year, started from my great coordinator and my closest friends.