Day 1 in The Story of My Life

Day 1

The first day we arrived to Tallinn and there we had a bustrip to Venevere where we used the last energy to get the first impression of the first participants - 35persons from 8 countries.


Day 2

During next 10 days we need to take care of one person (THE one and only secret friend) and kill another by a kiss on the cheek. Beside funny greeting-games we talked about our expectations, fears and ideas.

Thought of the day: Boys are afraid of bears and girls of spiders, who is the bravest?!


Day 3

In the morning every country gave basic information about living, working and ageing in their state. In the afternoon we got closer to the main topic of this camp: active ageing, intergenerational dialogue and stereotypes. Another challange was to get to know our own peronality.

Swet baby, saunaparty is coming!

Thought of the day: „It is easier to find drugs than a job in Slovenia.“ Katja

Comment of the day: „We can do a competition who has the most mosquito bites.“ Annalies


Day 4

Yummie, good start of the day with homemade pancakes. In Tallinn we met Nõmme Oldmen Club and Kohila Reumatic Club - two active senior clubs. They presented their clubs to us and we introduced our countries - not only the young people had an active presentations. To continue with the topic and to exchange the opinions and experience, 10 different coffeehouses offered  a special way to talk about active ageing and different understandings of different generations. Also some old things were presented, lucky ones could take a ride with a Lada from the year 1974.

The day ended like it began: delicious traditional food from 4 countries (Estonia, Finland, Germany, Portugal) and the senior clubs gave us a taste of Estonia with freshly picked fruits and selfmade cake.

Thought of the day: „This is definately not a starving camp!“


Day 5

After some discussions and work in the morning, we went to Tallinn where a guide showed us the old town. And then - free time!

Shopping, eating, partying - everybody enjoyed the freetime, especially the senior ladies, who were celebrating and dancing in a club where not only heteros go ;)

Thought of the day: „Today we have done so many things that we haven´t done before“ Estonian ladies from Kohila


Day 6

A lot of work, because tomorrow we will have a public event at Nõmme market so we need to be well prepared. And now we will have the National evening of Italy, Austria, Belgium and Slovenia. After a lot of work a little bit of fun.

Thought of the day: “What have we done today?”





Day 7

Today we had a public event in Nömme market. We had several performances: dancing, singing, diabolo, mixed marshal art choreography, children activities, photo expo, sketches, .... More people than expected joined the event. In the afternoon we went to the adventure parc where we could choose between several activities: swimming, adventure track and fitness.

We had to say goodbye to the senior club, which was very emotional.

In the evening we went back to Venevere.


Thought of the day: “We made it possible: old and young surfed together on the same wave.



Day 8

This morning we discussed our public event in small groups. After  häving analysed our results all together, we found out that we had done a great job yesterday. In the afternoon we went to a natural center, where a hunter told us stories about bears and wolves. Then we went walking in a bog and got blue evreywhere because of the delicious blueberries in the forest. Tonight we will have a sauna-party.


Thought of the day:”I´M getting addicted.”


Day 9

Today we found out how it is possible that we got together – thanks to the Youth in Action Programme. We also realized how hard it is to organize such a project by doing a simulation game. Communicate by e-mail and filling in forms is harder than it seems. In the afternoon we evaluated our camp and wrote goodbye letters to everybody. Tonight we will have the farewell party until 5 a.m.. We are happy that we also can celebrate Andrea`s birthday.

Thought of the day: “The Netherlands were the bitchiest country i`ve ever seen” (Simulationgame)