The Magic Diary

Day 1

Hello from Estonia!

Today the magic week with 25 people from 12 different countries began.

After a really nice breakfast we started our first day introducing each other and playing some meeting and ice breaking games which were organized by our facilitators Epp and Michael.

In a fun and magical room we run, painted and even licked each others ears. But we also had time to learn about different methods and theories as „Comfort area theory“, „Johari Window“ and „8 basic human needs“ by Tony Robbins.

After a dinner the first evening team organized a Welcome party – we danced, laughed, learned about different cultures, took some pictures and were chatting around the table with some wine.

It was a really good start to „The Magic of Games“ week.

Day 2

The theme of the second day was creativity. We started the day with a whoelsome breakfast, supplied once again by the wonderful staff of Luthre Farm, which provided the fuel for the bus for the creative journey that was to come. The investors were blown away with the crective power in the room Innovative products were brilltantly presented to the invistors, with products such as , "The Multilife Camping Tool", the multi use, "Cardy Birdy", the very fashionable "Cartolet" & "Multi Finky Bikni". However, the most impressive invention was "The Manbag 3000", which is set to change the dating opprounties of the 21st Centruty Man.

In the afternoon we burned of the wholesome lunch with Michael's enegetic games. The games followed the creative & innovative theme of the morning, with thought provoking, fun & physical gamess, such as, "Swoosh, Ho, Zip & Bada Bong", "Randomly Arranged Chairs" & "Cat & Mouse" to name but a few.

And better way to end such a ceative, fun & magical day than with an exciting guided tour of the history, cultrue & cuisin of all 12 participant countries. With Ausrtian Manner, Belguim Chocolates, British Carmels, Cyprit Halloumi, Czeach Becherovka, Dutch Clogs, Estonian Kama, Irish Trad Song, Itailian Baci Di Dama, Lativan Lamia, Portugeese Pao Delo & Spainish Jamon Serrano.

This guided tour was follwed by a real life demostration of local Rural Estoinain Cultrue with an invitation to a local party. All 12 particaptant clearly embraced this experince & all 12 countires were most definetly welcomed & embraced by the local Estonian Community. Many Bi Literal & Tri Literal Partnerships were made between the countries, with Cyprit Tradtional Dance been mixed with Estoinain Tradional Music... What a wonderful way to end such a MAGICAL Day..

International evening                                           Local kolhosi party

Day 3

With a rough night behind us we went on time into the magical bus to start our journey to Tallinn. All sleeping beauties woke up when we were shown around at the border of Tallinn, near to Tabasalu Youth Centre, where Tiina is working.

After a quick tour in Tabasalu we went on the bus to Tallinn to see the interesting history of the Bastion tunnels under Kiek in de Kök.

We had a nice coffee break and got challenged by a magical game. That let us see the nice parts of Tallinn like a chinese. And, one assignment was a dream for every princess and a prince to find a medieval prince to kiss. But bad luck for the princess because the medieval prince liked his prince more and showed his love by a coin.

Tomorrow morning we will see how the group was challenged by this magical game in the city of Tallinn. Who has the BEST presentation!

During the afternoon in our free time we had time to see Tallinn by walking or ice-skating.

We finished our day in Tallinn with a nice meal together and for one group the goal to find that nice bar was achieved.

City game in Tallinn                                            Ice-skating in Tallinn

Day 4

Half way through

We’re half way through

With this amazing food

Culture mix of twelwe

Receiving wisdom ofter bell


The sun came out

We played a lot

There were proud homelanders

And estonianised sauna-enders


When stars appeared with frost

And ice-hole water was not so hot

Then steam blurred the atmosphere

We cooled it down with home-made beer

Preparing pesentations about city game                  Sauna night

Day 5

At the beginning of the morning we all said how we felt about the previous nights activity, but did not have a discussion.

After that we caught the bus to visit the Märjaama Youth Centre where the youngsters can go after school to relax, enjoy and participate in a lot of activities in their free time or enjoy the camps that are organised during the summer.

Later we went to Märjaama highschool where the Vice-Head gave us a tour around the school. This school is one of the Estonian rural schools, at the same time modern and also retaining their traditional ethos. We visited a primary class, as well as the tradtioanl crafts classes, such as sewing and woodwork.

After lunch, we had a break to prepare  for the afternoon activities.

Then we started the afternoon with some energizers from a human knot to a creative story – telling from pictures.

After that the workshops started. We enjoyed a wide variety of workshops such a relaxation, sports, games, story – telling, handcrafts, how to survive in other countries… and give and receive the feedback from that.

Following on from dinner we closed the day with a surprise party

Visiting local school                                      Time to facilitate a workshop - Elo's workshop about batic sea

Day 6

The morning session started a bit more physical than usual, with pushups and a lot of workout. After we made our effort and learnt the magic of counting to ten in Portuguese which we immediately forgot we were heading towards the most difficult task – facilitators’ work and evaluation of the whole week. After, all 25 of us visited the world cafe, where we were tasting different kinds of cakes which a facilitator has to be able to make. Some of them were sweet, some of them tasted a bit like lemon or pepper. But we made it!

The afternoon started with some powerful minutes of sweating to get us all excited for what was coming next! Can you guess it? Yes! More colorful and yummy facilitation cakes! So we discussed the different recipes with the whole group and we all became very professional facilitation chefs!

And it was already time for our very last party together. Farewell party team made amazing work with entertaining us. We had lots of funny tasks from pantomime to singing. We absolutely enjoyed the last party and laughed a lot.

Offical party ended with getting Youth Passes and discovering our secret friends from lotus flowers. Secret friends had done excellent job of taking care of each other and using a lot of magic to keep it in a big big secret.

But after the end of offical party we didn't stop, cause it was still the last day together! We continued with chatting, dancing and writing each other into mailbox, so we could have amazing memory and reminder of all of us.

It was amazing, magical week and we began to miss everyone already before leaving.

Our farewell party hosts                                       Time for a bit of limbo!

Our wonderful trainers, Epp & Michael.