Diary of Rolling Citizens

Emotions and actions, from fun to serious



Some of us arrived Tallinn friday afternoon, some others late night, but somehow we managed to mingle from the first moments.

Day 1 Saturday

The day was beautiful because there was already a nice atmosphere of the group. The citygame of Järva-Jaani was funny somehow, because it was nice too take pictures and be creative. The getting to know each other game was funny too. All in all it had been a nice day, the presentation of the country was interesting and most of the groups have been very creative. We all enjoyed this day......


Day 2 Sunday

It was a beautiful and sunny day in Järva-Jaani, birds were singing and children were running around J That day we met the mayor and where he lives. He tought us some interestings things about Järva-Jaani and also about his life. He gave us food and spices and answered us a lot of questions. He is the youngest mayor we have ever met. A detail that surprised us was that his house wasn´t like a “Casa Blanca“.  And we got to know what’s happening with young people in other countries. Day ended with night of Italy, Portugal and Germany.


Day 3 Monday

Another rainy day in Järva-Jaani. The visit of Christel (girl talking about her life with visual disability) was very inspiring. It gave us the other perspective of everyday life. The same inspiration we got from Arbion’s talk (about life as a Kosovo fugitive in Germany). We realised how important it is to have a citizenship. In the afternoon we got the first cinema knowledge from Tristan’s and Jakub’s workshops. At night we discovered Estonia and Spain through music and food.


Day 4 Tuesday

We went visiting museums on yet another rainy day on Tuesday.  We travelled on a very old bus and saw the fire museums first.  The fire museums were very interesting and we had a lot of respect for the work put in by the tour guide and his friend. Afternoon we spent in small groups to get a quick course in acting, team work, screenplay etc. Then in the evening we went to see a performance from the local volunteer firemen. They showed us how they put out fires ranging from older to modern times. We all enjoyed the show and we even got the chance to use a fire extinguisher ourselves.  The firemen then sprayed foam all over the ground and we played around in the foam.  Next we went into the sauna and were then hosed down by one of the firemen.  The water was cold but it was fun :)


Day 5 Wednesday

Today the whole group went to the city of Tallinn. It is a very beautiful city but we got caught in very bad rain which made it difficult to complete our city game! We still did our best! The Kiek in de Kök museum and bastion passages were very interesting. We thought we would be cold but we got some lovely thick blankets to take with us to keep us warm! After our tour of the passages we had some lunch and got back on the bus to travel to the TV station. We really enjoyed observing the history of Estonian television and got a chance to see what we would look like being on television. We enjoyed a nice dinner as a group before we got the bus back to Järva-Jaani.


Day 6 Thursday

After having breakfast we made an energizer exercise to get ready to work. After the big group splitted into working groups, we made the script and storyboard of a movie. Then we had delicious macarronies as a lunch and after this we continued working with the films. So we finished dialogues and profiled our story, but before we played a funny game called „Banana“. After having dinner, we had a very interesting and fun Czech and Irish night.

Day 7 Friday

This day we had to finish our filming. It was a hard working day. It was the first time that the sun was shining a long part of the day. After lunch, we went to the timber company and we learnt a lot about wood and then we went to a cow farm where we took many pictures. The last visit was to the herb farm where we met a nice woman who explained us how she works. After this, we finished the filming and it started to rain a lot. After dinner we went to the culture house where we did a lot of performances related to the music and the spectacle. It was so funny!

Day 8 Saturday

Final day to finish up the movies - to edit the last pieces and create a poster. There were some tears, some tension, but also lot of laughing and hard work. Some groups managed the movie in time, some worked till the last hours of the day. All the posters were already there, so it was nice to see the results of the group work and to have already some hints what kind of movies different groups were making.

Day 9 Sunday

Morning started with a football match between Järva-Jaani team and some other team. Of course our group was supporting local team where also the mayor was playing. And we won! Very happy and exciting moment. After a lunch there was the big movie gala in Järva-Jaani culture house. Also many locals attended the event. On a big screen all the nine movies were shown - very different, but all very exciting. With public voting the best ones were selected who also got awards for best movie, most creative movie, biggest contribution to the citizen topic etc. What a day!

Day 10 Monday

The last working day to sum it all up. What did we learn, what did we experience and all this kind of questions were discussed and analysed. And not only, we could also share our opinions on how would we organize a youth exchange oruselves. Plus we also could learn what are other opportunities to participate for a young person. During a lunch break some people also enjoyed the possibility to visit tower of the church. Day ended with a cake, celebration with certifications and sauna. And it all ended with a big farewell as one big group was leaving already in the middle of the night. Many emotions, but all very good ones.