NGO Uuskasutus is a non-governmental organisation that functions as a social enterprise. The name of the organization mean newcycle and its aims to be an important part of the consuming society, by enabling newcycling of consumer items, promoting aware consuming and environment education. The organisation runs two shops in Tallinn, where people can donate clothes, books, furniture, toys, dishes etc. Majority of the donated items are given out as charity for familieis and people in need and part of the donated items are sold in the shops and fairs.


Here I spent more of my EVS working time assisting in the daily office affairs and shop management, promoting the association and the shop, and traslating the organization web-site from Estonian to English.

During September 2012 some journalists from the national television came in the Tatari shop for make interviews for a TV program named "Kapital". The episod was focused on how a company is able to be social and can care about the environment and the people around them, and they also made an interview to me. Down here I put the link of the episode, my talk is around the minute 8th...enjoy it!!!!