EVS "Young and Smart Consumers"

Hello everyone!

I'm Simone and I'm from Omegna, a little and cute town in the north of Italy. I was the first EVS voulunteer hosted by MTÜ HeadEst, in collaboration with MTÜ Uuskasutus. I took part in the project "Young and Smart Consumers" started on 6 February 2012 and lasts for one year.

"Start-up" training - Me and Epp

I chose to take part of an EVS project because I wanted to make a life experience in a foreign country, be an active EU citizen and try to make the society more "green".  I chose Estonia because I already spent few months there and I wanted to know more about its society, history and nature.

When I found the project "Young and Smart Consumers" I was enthusiastic because I tought it was the perfect opportunity to reach my searching's goals. And it really did.

I started to take contact with the Coordinating organisation "MTÜ HeadEst" around one year before my volunteer service started. The project was not ready yet but I wanted to do that one and I also was not in hurry because I was waiting to finish my Bachelor degree. In the finish of summer 2011, few days before I started a car trip to Estonia, I recieved an email with the news that the project was approved and that they were interested to have me like a volunteer. I was very excited when I read that email, finally my EVS experience was nearly to start!!

The project officially started on 6th February 2012 when I landed at the Tallinn airport greeted by a fresh (around -18°) winter day. After few days I had my official starting dinner/party where my coordinator Epp present to me her collaborator Pille-Mai, my mentor Simona, my boss Katriin and one of the Uuskasutus member Helen. I had very good time during that evening and I also discovered a place that soon became one of my fauvorite in Tallinn (thanks to Epp)!

The Monday after my landing in Estonia I started to work in Uuskasutus charity shop, and from that moment I made and appened to me many different things, in Tallinn and not only!!!