How 10 days changed my life?

Have you ever participated in a youth exchange? Tell us how youth exchanges have influences your life!


Headest started on September 30, 2004, after our successful first youth exchange “Living in Extremes”. It will be ten years this September and we believe it is time to CELEBRATE!

Our mission has always been to support young people to become independent, happy, caring and playful adults. Over the years our little team has managed to be part in close to 300 different projects and we have reached almost 150 000 young people just in Estonia, add to them all European young people.

Our heart, soul and cornerstone has always been youth exchanges. We have been part in almost 100 youth exchanges. They have brought together more than 3000 young people from different countries.

All youth exchanges are different but there is one thing that makes them similar. There are always tears in the end and when asked, everybody says the same...

  • I don’t know how to explain it, but it was the best experience in my life.
  • It really changed my life.
  • I feel I have known these people for my whole life.
  • I learned so much about myself.
  • I really opened up and can communicate better now.

Over the years we have heard so many stories how thanks to youth exchanges people have opened up, started to believe in themselves, met their best friends, found new hobbies and careers or discovered new very interesting topics.

Still there are too many youngsters, teachers, youth workers and parents who do not know about youth exchanges and don’t allow or encourage young people to participate.

Please help us change this by sharing your story! You can share as many stories as you like. There is no limit!


Take an hour of your precious time. Go back in time and remember the moments! Think how and if this experience changed you. Open a new file or blank e-mail and write all your thoughts  down!

Working title of your story: How 10 days changed my life?

How long should it be: 1 page

What to add: your name, where and when you were in youth exchange, if possible one photo of you in the exchange.

Do this if you feel that youth exchange has a role in who or what you are now and you think that other young people should get this experience as well. Please write your story for others to understand how a small decision to participate in something unknown can have very long-lasting effect.


If you need any help, support or someone to help you remember, just contact us and we are there for you!


Some youth exchanges organised by Headest in 2004 - 2014:

"Living in Extremes I" in Estonia 2004

"Living in Extremes II" in Greenland 2005

"Living in Extremes III" in Sardinia 2005

"The new european borders: a young people point of view" in Russia 2005

"Defining Relationships" in Estonia 2006

"Youth Against Xenophobia" in Kosovo 2006

"New European Borders: Freedom vs Security" in Ukraine 2006

"Young people discovering Verona's nature" in Italy 2006

"Active citizenship - Being Active, being cool" in Estonia New Year of 2006/2007

"Democracy is Me" in Moldova in 2006

"Adam and Eve in 21st Century" in Ukraine 2007

"European identity: within diversity a way to common values" in Sardinia 2007

"Being active, being cool - Nature freaks and proud of it!" in Estonia 2008

"Culture Point" in Luxembourg in 2008 - 2013

"Youth power in nature" in Estonia 2008

"Innovation in our everyday life: traditions meet innovation" in Estonia 2009

"Let's act now" in Estonia 2009

"Euromance" camps in Finland 2009-2012

"Path of motion" in Liechtenstein 2009

"The Masters of Life" in Estonia 2010

"Yes - we can!" in Estonia 2010

"Care and act" in Estonia 2011

"Design your rights!" in Germany in 2011/2012

"Take part, take place, take care" in Italy 2012

"Film Camp Sobotin" in Czech Republic 2012

"The Story of My Life" in Estonia 2012

"Photo Marathon" in Turkey 2012

"The Rolling Citizens" in Estonia 2013

"Off to join the circus!" in Germany 2013

"Be Active, Be Inclusive!" in Portugal 2013

Estonian language and culture camps for young Estonian ex-pats 2013-2014