The Rolling Citizens

Youth exchange in Estonia
"The Rolling Citizens"
09.-20.08.2013, in Järva-Jaani

Youth exchange "The Rolling Citizens" is a unique summer jamboree for young prople form 7 countries - Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland. The project will combine three very interesting topics: citizenship, film making and entrepreneurship. Wonder how that is possible?

The project is inspired by the European Year of Citizens 2013 and also the problematic situation of young people on the labour market. During the 10 activity days we will get to know each other, think about citizenship and active participation in your own life, possibilities of young people and learn to make movies from beginning to end (including planning and script writing, camera work, sound, acting, post-production, making sets). At the end of the project we will have produced cool short movies on the different aspects of citizenship. We hope to disseminate the movies to schools and in film festivals, to be used as promotion and learning tools.

The project will take place in picturesque small Estonian town Järva-Jaani (how do you think its prounounced?). The town is a home for a unique small and impressive film museum and another unforgettable place - the old car shelter, that hosts 300 cars, buses, trams and anything with wheels through ages. Its the perfect setting for making romantic movie, sci-fi, stalker or maybe horror...

The project will bring together 45 young people aged 17-25 from seven countries. They will have fun, challenge themselves, learn to make films, impress themselves with their creativity and leave with unforgettable memories, skills, experiences and stories.



Project is organised by Estonian organisation NGO HeadEst.

Project is financed by EU Education program Youth in Action