2008 laagrid - noorsoovahetust "Nature freaks and proud of it" Eestis

International youth exchange in Estonia

BEING ACTIVE, BEING COOL: Nature freaks and proud of it!

AUGUST 18-27, 2008

In August there will be a youth exchange „Being active, being cool” in Estonia. The project will bring together 40 young people from 5 countries – probably from Estonia, Italy, Spain, Austria and Germany.

The main topic of the project is being active in society and especially in nature. The aim of the project is to bring together young people who are interested in nature and care about their environment and life in general and who feel that they would like to do something more. Participants can already be active as volunteers or can only be thinking about it. Most important is interest and motivation. There will be a lot of fun and active activities during the camp. We will have group discussions, role plays, simulation game, lectures, handycraft workshops and we will work for 2 days in a nature park.

We will discuss why to care about nature in general, why be active in society and how to do it, where to start and even how to deal with trash. There will be a lot of possibilities to share ideas and learn from each others’ experience. We expect the main outcome of the project to be giving new ideas, activating participants to be more active in their local community and publish the outcomes and ideas of the project in a special website in order to share the experience of the project with wider public.

The project will take place in Estonia, in various locations. The work camp will be in South-West Estonia and main part of the project in South-Estonia, where Estonian „mountains” are. Program includes excursion and shopping in Tallinn. Working language of the project will be English, this does not mean that everybody must speak fluent English. More important is willingness to try to speak and communicate in a foreign language.




Time: August 18-27, 2008

Venue: Estonia

Language: English

For who: 15-20-year old young people. 8 participants and 1 leader from each country.

Accommodation: cabins, tents during work camp (2 nights)

Participation fee: 1500 EEK, includes program, accommodation, food, transportation, insurance.


NGO HeadEst


Contact person: Epp Adler, 641 4526, 52 03 872, epp@headest.ee