Life in Tallinn & Travelling in Estonia

Life routine in Estonia is strongly regulated by the seasons. From winter to summer everything changes, the time you need to prepair yourself for go out, the way you use for arrive at your work place, where and which activities you can do in your free time, etc. For me was the same and full of great moment (some bad also) inside and outside Tallinn.

During one year I have experienced a lot of different estonia (and not) things. I explored many parts of Tallinn and a lot of amazing places in Estonia, knew a lot people from different country and culture, I made a lot of new friends. Because I love travelling and see new places in summer 2012 I took part to a "hitchhiking competition" across all Estonia with one of my closest friend; in four days we visited 31 places in between the continental area and the islands and we got the second price, ticket for the lovely "Viljandi Folk Festival" (I suggest to everyone to participate if you'll get the opportunity).

Life in Tallinn was quite varied. I partecipated in many different types of night events but also daily pic-nic, sport activities, opera and concert.