On-arrival & mid-term training

The On-arrival and the Mid-term training were two very usefull EVS activity. First of all I had the possibility to make new friends (and that really happened), second I made a lot of interesting activities with which I focus on what I should and could do during my project.



My "On-arrival" took part in Viljandi around one month from the start of the project. Was a really intensive week with the aim to raise the awareness of the potential and possibility that the EVS project gave to me and the other volunteers. In every day there were information activities, trials, group exercises mixed with energizers, typical estonian dances, songs and a lot of nice and huge meals...that was very important, especially during the first period as a volunteer!!!

The "Mid-term" training instead took part at the end of August an hour far from Tallinn. The name of the place was Leppoja, a eco-soustainable Guesthouse in a tipical estonian swamp area. The aim of this training was to analize our first part of the EVS and how to plan the second part. Those four days were more active compare to the On-arrival, I think because influenced by the warm season and the components of the group..not very shy people, italians and spanish in pole position :)



Were many the great experience I had during those two trainings, from the first Kaerajaan to the choice of the runes, watching at the Milky Way after a smoking sauna, the innumerable jokes between all participants, the night photo-session organized by my great Irish friend and the kanoe trip in the swamp. There were definitely others, but I want to conclude thanking the pastry of Lappoja for all the amazing cakes!