Youth Exchange- it´s worth giving it a shot.

We made a lot of experience!


  • Doing activities with local senior clubs
  • Exploring Tallinn
  • Sweating in Estonian sauna
  • Organize a public event
  • Hiking in a bog
  • Picking berries
  • Lots of eating
  • Partying with seniors
  • Being afraid of Estonian bears and beers
  • Being brave of bugs
  • Killing mosquitoes and each other J
  • Talking with your hands to youngsters from another country

Personal experiences:

  • Getting open minded
  • Speaking other languages
  • Working together
  • Improving social skills
  • Learning it`s easy to make a change
  • Feeling that you are worth it
  • Picking up future values

Put all these ingredients together and you get the good old grandmother`s dish. Active aging and intergenerational dialogue are important topics for a well functioning society with fewer stereotypes, loneliness and more satisfaction for everybody. Take care!

What we did in workshops?

2012 was the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between generations

Stereotypes about old people

Stereotypes about young people. Do you agree?