Youth exchanges & Training

Some of the activities of my EVS project were outside of Tallinn...some even outside Estonia!

The first activities with HeadEst outside Tallinn was the Seminar "Including physically disabled young people in regular youth work: reality or fantasy?", where I was participant/assistent. Was the first time for me to collaborate together with poeple with physical disabilities. Here I also celebrate one of the most important estonian fest, the mid summer day...Jaanipäev :D

After presenting my EVS project in few estonian schools I was my coordinator's assistant in the Training "START UP-getting started with youth exchanges", I help and took also part in the project's activities.

HeadEst gave me also the opportunity to go abroad and be a group leader in two Youth exchanges. One was in the far East of Turkey (more exactly Kurdistan-Mesopotamia), Silopi. The project, named "Photo Marathon", was about photography and social inclusion. The second Youth exchange was in a completely different location. It took part in a little town of Belgium called Wijgmaal (nearly Leuven). The aim of the project "A quest for Ecotopia" was to show how is possible and easy to live in a ecosustainable way.

All of those projects were very surprising and useful experiences, where I recieved a lot of knowledge and inspiration for the future, made new friends from different part of Europe and became more european :))